Campus Location

Sukabumi, a Fresh and Comfortable City

Sukabumi is located in the foot of Mount Pangrango and Mount Gede, the fertile area which is surrounded by beautiful and fresh view. The location of Sukabumi is in the height 584 from sea level surface and it has a fresh air and convenient atmosphere. The temperature is 15oC – 30oC. The highest rainfall is in December while the lowest is in July. Such weather is very ideal for studying. It is also supported by friendly people since most of Sundanese are friendly. Therefore, it is known that since 1914 the Government of Dutch Indies has chosen it as their residence and tourism resort particularly for European people who were used to living in four seasons. They thought that they lived as if they had been in spring season all years. Sukabumi which is located in the centre of West Java facilitates the communication and transportation to some big cities such as Jakarta, Bandung, Bogor and other cities in West Java. Sukabumi is also famous for Police Education Centre of Republic of Indonesia so that the peaceful and protected sensations become one of Sukabumi City’s prominences. The youngsters in the city are fashionable and always keep abreast of contemporary culture. Therefore, Sukabumi is one of cities that is the source of artist and celebrity in Indonesia. Studying in Sukabumi is a smart choice to have learning and complete life experiences.


A Campus Located at The City Center

Muhammadiyah University of Sukabumi (UMMI) is very strategically located, which is in the middle of Sukabumi City. It is only a few meters away from the City Hall. The access is very easy since there are public transportations from many driections come accross the campus. Almost every public services could be easily accessed from UMMI, such as city libraries, government services, sport facilities, hospitals, bussiness center, etc. Supermarkets and malls are all within reach by foot from the campus. UMMI Campus is also surrounded by other educational institutions ranging from elementary school to high school. This strategic position makes UMMI as one of choices of university in Sukabumi. Overmore, there are many other reasons such as quality of each offered departements, human resources quality, adequate facilities and infrastructures, achievments and many more.




Jalan R. Syamsudin, S.H. Number 50 Sukabumi, West Java Indonesia 43113

Telephone: +62 66 218345 / Fax. +62 66 218342

e-mail: [email protected]