Brief History


Regional Muhammadiyah Governance of Sukabumi with the support of leaders of West Java Muhammadiyah established Muhammadiyah University of Sukabumi (UMMI) as an effort of Muhammadiyah to show its movement characteristic as an organization which care of education. The establishment of UMMI is based on the mandate of Regional Governance Conference of Sukabumi since 1996 as the purposes are as following:

  1. Developing community in all aspect of life.
  2. Developing the real islamic society.
  3. Creating wisdom values in the field of  technology, agriculture, culture, education and local economy that ultimately reaches the global level.

The establishment of UMMI is closely connected with Muhammadiyah Higher Education philosophy which is developing science and islam,  being educated and charity for the sake of developing the nation and country.

After the assessment and feasibility test, on 1 December 2000, Regional Muhammadiyah Governance Conference decided to innediately realize the Decision of Muhammadiyah Regional Conference 1996 which is to establish Muhammadiyah University of Sukabumi or UMMI in short. The temporary campus at the time was in the Muhammadiyah Institution Building located at Jalan R. Syamsudin, S. H., No. 59, Sukabumi.

The desire to establish UMMI received positive response from City, Local and Regency Government, hoping that Muhammadiyah could pioneered the human resource development thath relevant to future development demands. The ex-secretariat building of  Sukabumi Regency which is located at Jalan R. Syamsudin, S.H. Nomor 50 Sukabumi was given to Muhammadiyah Confederetaion as a form of support from the Government of Sukabumi Regency. The building then became the campus of UMMI.

After the sale and purchase agreement with terms which have been agreed by both sides was held, right on 5 November 2002 (29 Sya’ban 1423 Hijriyah), then the former Sukabumi Regency Office which was located on Jalan R. Syamsudin, S.H. No. 50 Sukabumi was officially used as campus of UMMI.

That handover event has became the pioneer of UMMI establishment in a strategic place. And the campus has became a reputable private university in Sukabumi City.

After that handover event, a letter of consideration of UMMI establishment was published by Directorate General of Higher Education on July 2002. A year later Letter of Decree of Operational Permit Number 81/D/2003 is published by Directorate General of Higher Education on 13 June 2003. Based on that operasional licence, UMMI had 10 departments and after 10 years, UMMI has 5 faculties consisted of 14 departments.