Faculty of Agriculture


Creating Faculty of Agriculture to be enterpreneurial and a superior in development of science, technology and arts in agricultural and islamic field in 2020.


  1. Building a system and academic atmosphere to produce graduates who are independent, enterpreneurial and having taqwa to Allah SWT.
  2. Developing and disseminate science, technology and agricultural arts through educations, research and community services.
  3. Integrating Al-islam and Muhammadiyah based agriculture through Catur Dharma of University according to Syari’ah mission.


  1. Producing graduates who have expertise in their field, independent and islamic-personalized.
  2. Developing Science, Technology and Agricultural Arts for the purpose of development and improvement of islamic-based public welfare.
  3. Improving academic competences and professionalism of the academic civities through education, research and community service activities based on Al-islam and Muhammadiyah.
  4. Improving the performance of lecturers and administrative staffs in order to improve management, organization and services quality.
Study Program of Agriculture