Faculty of Teacher Sciences and Education


To create Faculty of Teacher Sciences and Education of UMMI that is Islamic-based, superior and professional in teacher educational sciences in year of 2020.



  1. Implementing a qualified and professional teaching eduaction.
  2. Impelementing and developing scientific researches in the field of educational knowledge and teaching.
  3. Implementing community service in educational field.
  4. Impelementing Al-islam and Muhammadiyah into Tri Dharma of University that is corresponding to the vision and Syari’ah.



  1. Producing teacher candidates who are Professional and having Iman and Taqwa.
  2. Developing and implementing science and technology to promote development of continuous education world.
  3. Improving the qualities, equalities, relevance and innovation of education and teaching.
  4. Creating opportunities and conditions where FKIP UMMI could role as a research faculty and educational sciences development.
  5. Creating partnership with higher education institutions and other instituions.
  6. Disseminating and implementing the results of educational research for the developments and empowerments through community service activities.
  7. Preparing FKIP as the centre of study and Al-islam and muhammadiyah development.