Faculty of Social Sciences


To be a superior faculty of social sciences education provider in global context in year of 2022.


  1. Implementing a professional and competent social sciences education.
  2. Impelementing interdisciplinary researchs in social scienceswhich are useful to the development of life.
  3. Applying social sciences in order to develop life quality of community.
  4. Applying values of Al-islam and Muhammadiyah in order to realize a society that is blessed by Allah.


  1. Producing graduates who are blessed by The Almighty Allah, leadeship spirited, enterpreneurial, well-cultured and having global perspective.
  2. Producing research in the field of social sciences that could compete globally.
  3. Improving the life sector revitalization through administration and humanity science in order to globally improve standard living of society.
  4. Producing, developing and applying academic studies which are useful to the development of the community, nation and religion.