Faculty of Science and Technology


To be an excellent and competitive faculty in science and technology that is capable of integrating with Islamic in year 2022.



  1. Implementing the national standard academic so that students have islamic academic competence in Science and Technology field.
  2. Implementing and developing islamic-based research in science and technology which is qualified and integrated with other dharma.
  3. Developing and disseminating islamic knowledges in the field of science and technology through dedications to community as an effort to contribute in improving life quality of them.
  4. Integration of islamic-based Catur Dharma of University and carrying out Syari’ah mission in the field science and technology.



  1. Producing qualified, islamic personalized and competent graduates who have good work ethic and and competitiveness in science and technology.
  2. Developing knowledges of science and technology to encourage develeopment continuation.
  3. Developing academic competencies and civities professionalism through featured research activities in science and technology.
  4. Improving research results in science and technology through the development of problem solving-oriented research.
  5. Disseminating and implementing the result of islamic-based researches in science and technology as a cummunity service.
  6. Preparing the Faculty of Science and Technology as the study centre and the development of Al-islam and Muhammadiyah in science and technology perspective.
Study Program of Science and Technology