UMMI Officially Sent 726 Students to Conduct Thematic, National, and International Community Service
UMMI Officially Sent 726 Students to Conduct Thematic, National, and International Community Service

UMMI Officially Sent 726 Students to Conduct Thematic, National, and International Community Service

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  • at Minggu, 28 Juli 2019

Sukabumi, - Community Service is one of the places for students of the Muhammadiyah University of Sukabumi (UMMI), to implement the knowledge gained in college directly to the public. Students are also required to be able to make a positive contribution to society. Where are the students KKN? Next is the coverage.

As many as 726 UMMI students carry out KKN this year. The release of hundreds of students was carried out by the campus on Thursday (26/7) in the field of the Barchoya Building located on Jalan R. Syamsudin, SH Number 50, Sukabumi City.

The event was attended by UMMI Chancellor, Dr. Sakti Alamsyah, M.Pd, representative of the City Government (City Government) Sukabumi, Chairperson of LPPM, Deans, Chair of Study Program and UMMI Lecturers.

Disposal is marked by the provision of completeness of Community Service. The second wave of KKN is divided into three categories namely Thematic KKN, National KKN and International KKN. 2019 Thematic KKN itself as many as 672 students divided into 40 groups which are divided into 7 fields which are placed in several locations spread across 21 Kota and Sukabumi Districts. The Thematic KKN activities are held for 40 days, from 25 July to 2 September 2019.

UMMI Thematic KKN with a total of 672 students, divided into several programs namely Community Economic Empowerment, Efforts to Pilot the Tuna Karya (Urimastu) Community, Posdaya Bina Ruhiyah in Rupiah Development, LPCR (AIK), Decopage and Macrame and Online Application, Empowerment of Sukabumi City Community in Implementing Green Waste, and Empowering Women and Children ..

For Muhammadiyah National KKN there were 20 students, they served in Bengkulu City.

Muhammadiyah National KKN later, UMMI students will join KKN students from other Muhammadiyah Universities. National KKN UMMI students carry the themes of art, culture and sports. UMMI has also participated in this national KKN five times. While for International KKN this year there were 34 students located in Southern Thailand and Malaysia.

Both national and international KKN, in addition to lecturers conducting community service, also introducing the potential of the City and Sukabumi District, art, culture, superior tourism in Sukabumi at the national and international level. This year's KKN was accompanied by 37 Field Advisors (DPL).

"Hopefully students can develop and improve their knowledge, attitudes and skills and care," said Chairman of the UMMI Institute for Research and Community Service (LPPM), Dr. Reni Mulyani.

The KKN participants were also asked to be able to help solve problems faced by the community, to achieve acceleration and development effectiveness in Sukabumi District so that they could become motivators and dynamists in development activities at the KKN location.

"Hopefully a cadre can be formed in the community that can accelerate development, help the City government or Sukabumi Regency in accelerating development," said Reni who is also a lecturer in Chemistry at UMMI.