Logo Muhammadiyah University of Sukabumi

  1. The University Logo is five cornered shield shaped , framed by red and yellow colored frame, with white colored texts that read as Universitas Muhammadiyah Sukabumi encircle the green colored tea leaves, white jasmine flowers and the logo from the inside.
  2. The Logo of UMMI is an enlightment symbol of image and spirit of creation, joy, sense, initiation and the work of all academicians of UMMI in facing the challenges of the time.
  3. Muhammadiyah Yellow Sun represents that UMMI brings new sights into the future of higher edcation in Indonesia in order to be better and illustrating life force, vitality and dynamism that emanates from from the inside to provide a source of life.
  4. The ammount of lights is twelve beam of light.
  5. The number of tea leaves are four in total, two leaves are placed downwards on each side, left and right with one by two of size comparison between upper leave and lower leave.
  6. A piece of white jasmine flower represents purity and good scent of UMMI.