SMAN 1 Cibadak High School Visited UMMI
  • SMAN 1 Cibadak High School Visited UMMI

SMAN 1 Cibadak High School Visited UMMI

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  • 02 Feb 2019

Sukabumi, - Tuesday, January 29, 2019, Muhammadiyah University Sukabumi (UMMI) SMAN 1 Cibadak High School visited UMMI. The participants consisted of 31 students of 2nd grader accompanied by 2 teachers. The visitation began at 1:00 p.m. until 3:30 p.m.

The purpose of the visit is to give the students insight about UMMI and to motivate them to continue their study to higher education.

Muhammadiyah University of Sukabumi, represented by Yanti Lestari (Head of UPT. Public Relations, Promotion and New Student Admission- well known as HPPMB), Erik Candra Pertala (Secretary of HPPMB), and Sigit Senjaya (Staff of HPPMB) welcomed the visit warmly. 

Several activities were held, such as welcoming speech from the Head of HPPMB, Introduction of UMMI, Facility Visits, UMMI profile videos show, question and answer sessions, quizzes, impressions and suggestions from Students, and souvenir handovering from UMMI to SMAN 1 Cibadak High School.

Widya, one of the participants, said, "It was very impressive. I have never known before if a university with high quality with so many achievements existed in Sukabumi. In the future, i will not have to go out of the city to continue my study."

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