UMMI Held Social Service to 300 Dhuafa and Orphaned Children
  • UMMI Held Social Service to 300 Dhuafa and Orphaned Children

UMMI Held Social Service to 300 Dhuafa and Orphaned Children

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  • 04 Oct 2018

Sukabumi, - On its 15th Anniversary, Muhammadiyah University Sukabumi (UMMI) held a social service for orphans and duafa in Lebaksiuh Village, Kadudampit sub-district, Sukabumi District, Sunday, June 10, 2018.

Compensation was given to 300 orphans and poor people. Activities that are routinely carried out every holy month of Ramadan are held at the Darul Arqam Lebaksiuh Islamic Boarding School.

Present at the event were the Chair of AIK UMMI (Al-Islam and Kemuhammadiyahan), Andri Moewashi Idarul Haq, S.Thi., M.M., and the Secretary of the UPT. UMMI Public Relations, Promotion and PMB, Erik Candra Pertala, M.Hum.

Andri Moewashi said, this activity was at the same time commemorating the 15th Anniversary of Muhammadiyah University Sukabumi which was established on June 13, 2003.

"In commemoration of this Anniversary we invite orphans and poor people who are less able to be given compensation," said Andri.

"Deep gratitude we need to offer the presence of God Almighty God who has given strength, grace and guidance to us along with all levels of leadership so that we are able to carry out the task of developing the Muhammadiyah University Sukabumi (UMMI) by reaching the fifteenth year." Andri continued .

In this short period of time, UMMI was able to build internal and external synergy of the campus. The strength of the Internal Institution of UMMI is that it has 21 study programs consisting of: 3 Diploma III Programs, 17 Bachelor programs and 1 Masters program, UMMI has 21 study programs, which are 13 "B" accredited, the rest are in the accreditation process towards B. Other strengthening is seen in the HR field where UMMI now has 14 Doctorates from various fields of science and as many as 25 UMMI lecturers who are studying further Doctoral programs at home and abroad.

Besides that, consistently every year UMMI sends 21 lecturers from 21 study programs to study doctoral programs. Other improvements can be seen from the improvement and addition of physical facilities, namely class facilities, laboratories, mosques, sports facilities and food courts, all of which are in the UMMI campus environment. Alhamdulillah, at this time UMMI is building an additional study room, please pray that hopefully it will run smoothly. In addition to the strengths that have been described above, several other important developments are Muhammadiyah University Sukabumi in carrying out caturdharma which has been supported by accredited libraries. (A).

Hopefully UMMI will be more advanced and blessed so that it can provide even greater benefits for the people in the coming years.

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