Agribusiness Department of UMMI Held Aisyiyah Entrepreneurial School
  • Agribusiness Department of UMMI Held Aisyiyah Entrepreneurial School

Agribusiness Department of UMMI Held Aisyiyah Entrepreneurial School

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  • 14 May 2018

Sukabumi, - Aisyiyah Entrepreneurial School Activities (SWA) was held on April 4-21, 2018. SWA is one of the flagship programs of Economic Assembly of Aisyiyah Regional Leadership (PDA) of Sukabumi Regency in collaboration with Agribusiness Department of Muhammadiyah University of Sukabumi (UMMI). The opening ceremonial was held on April 4, 2018 which was held in the Laboratory of Agribusiness Department of UMMI. On the first day, it was attended by representatives of branches and twigs of Aisyiyah from Cigunung, Lebak Siuh, Cipetir and Cibadak.

This activity was officially opened by the secretary of PDA, Dr. Yuni Sri Wahyuni, M.T. In his speech, he explained that SWA is a cross-border program which is headed by Majlis Ekonomi to be a flagship program not only for aisyiyah citizens but for the community. Aisyiyah plays an active role in solving stupidity and poverty. With the role of this SWA, branches / branches can empower the surrounding community because of the charity function of Muhammadiyah business to educate the nation. With this SWA is expected branches and twigs one step ahead and can share knowledge to others, bu yuni also invites to be a person who plays the role of the hand on (giver). Bu Yuni hopes SWA is implemented every year and notices to the participants to continue to seek knowledge and improve quality and take the time. PDA would like to thank the representatives of branches and branches, economic majlis, agri-business program to be equally enlightening and educating the surrounding community.

The SWA has a curriculum that complies with the guidelines of the Aisyiyah Central Leadership. Materials to be submitted are: entrepreneurship, business design / business planning, production planning, business bookkeeping (7 mistakes of beginner entrepreneur), product marketing, business networking and aisyiyahan. In addition to the material submitted, participants will follow business visits and mentoring as well as practice. At the end of the event, participants are scheduled to make a fieldtrip to Amazing Farm and flower garden cihideung, bandang bandung. During the activities, participants will be guided by professional instructors in their fields, namely: Dr. Reny Sukmawani, M.P., Ema Hilma Meilani, M.P and Endang Tri Astuti ningsih, M.P.

Chairman of Agribusiness Department, Ema Hilma Meilani, M.P, business studies program has a vision that is Printing Agricultural Bachelor Agribusiness Field of Excellence, Mandiri and Islami. The mission of Agribusiness Department refers to UMMI Catur Dharma that is Research, Teaching, Service, Internalization Al Islam and Kemuhammadiyahan. Devotion becomes part of the Agribusiness mission whose implementation should be beneficial to the general public. Programs that synergize with this Aisyiyah institution, led to the contribution of lecturers in dedication so that there is a track record of devotion. The hope of this activity is sustainable and become the internalization of Asiyiyah program and the emergence of Aisyiyah cadres in the future.

Aisyiyah Entrepreneurial School (SWA) hopefully will run smoothly to the end of the implementation and bring up women entrepreneurs who are ready to share with the community in accordance with the vision of SWA "Being the pioneer of the creation of independent women who are characterized by Islamic and nationalism".

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