Rector's Speech at the Open Session of the Academic Senate for UMMI Graduation
  • Rector's Speech at the Open Session of the Academic Senate for UMMI Graduation

Rector's Speech at the Open Session of the Academic Senate for UMMI Graduation

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  • 26 Mar 2018

Assalamu'alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh,

Dear Regent of Sukabumi

Whom I respect :

Chairman of West Java PWM,
Coordinator Kopertis Region IV West Java & Banten,
Director / Chairman of Private University of Sukabumi,
Chairman of BPH and all members,
UMMI Academic Senate and all members,
Chairman of PDM Sukabumi,
Chairman of PDA Kota and Kabupaten Sukabumi,
Lecturers and Staff of Education UMMI,
The board of student organizations,
Ladies and gentlemen, Ladies and gentlemen,
In particular, I am proud of the Graduates and Parents and Families, the Generation of National Builders I have honored.
We pray to the presence of Allah SWT over the blessings of grace and grace that has brought us together in the auditorium of UMMI in good health. Shalawat and Salam may always be delivered to the Prophet Muhammad and his followers until the end of time.

Ladies and Gentlemen

The graduation ceremony is a historic moment and is awaited by graduates who have completed their obligations as students at UMMI as a graduation form of graduates this morning will be held Open Senate Session in the framework of Graduation to XVI and Diploma 3 to XVII Period 2 Year Academic 2017/2018 with the number of graduates 99 people scattered in five faculties, namely: 19 graduates from the Faculty of Science & Technology, 6 graduates from the Faculty of Agriculture, 37 graduates from the Faculty of Science & Humanities, 13 graduates from the Faculty of Economics, 24 graduates from the Faculty of Teacher Training Education. The graduates who will be inaugurated in a few moments are expected to bring UMMI's reputation as a change agent to contribute to the development of nation and state with real work through the knowledge that graduates have learned.

The Graduates I am proud of

With a sense of pride and touched we release you with the Rector Decree Number: 401 / KEP / I.0 / H / 2018 dated March 19, 2018 M / 1 Rajab 1439 H as a graduate of Muhammadiyah University of Sukabumi which has BAN-PT Accreditation with a B value. it is for the achievement of UMMI's success that has maximized your brother / i with a sense of pride in this happiness opportunity in the name of the leadership and all UMMI Academic Civitas, I would like to thank all the graduates who have succeeded in becoming the first graduates in their respective fields of science. The success of these brothers make the capital to participate in working to build the nation and state. May you all have the strength and unity to contribute to the Indonesian nation to create "good governance" in the face of national, regional and global challenges.

To the parents and family who attended to witness his son graduated I thank him for his trust has entrusted his son to study at UMMI. After the inauguration procession is finished our duty to carry out the mandate of educating the son / i Bpk / Mother and gentlemen, may the success of the graduates to be happiness for parents and family. The success of the wisudwan can not be separated from the participation of the educators and staff who have performed their duties well, for that I as the leader of UMMI give thanks to all lecturers and educational staff of UMMI for the totality and commitment to carry out the task of educating and serving students until they successfully complete their studies.

Graduates, Parents and Ladies and Gentlemen

UMMI is one of the Muhammadiyah Persyarikatan business charity which has been established in Sukabumi on June 13, 2003. In this relatively short time span, UMMI is able to build internal and external synergy of campus. Strength of Internal Institution of UMMI that has 21 study program consist of: 3 Diploma Program III, 17 undergraduate program and 1 Masters program, UMMI has 21 study program, accredited "B" amounting to 14 Study Program, the rest is in the process of accreditation to B. Other strengthening seen in the field of human resources where UMMI now has 14 Doctors from various fields of science and as many as 25 people UMMI Lecturers who are studying further Doctoral programs at home and abroad. Besides, every year UMMI consistently sends 21 lecturers from 21 study programs for Doctoral Program. Other improvements can be seen from the improvement and addition of physical facilities such as classrooms, laboratories, mosques, sports facilities and foodcourt all located in UMMI campus environment. Alhamdulillah at this time UMMI is doing the construction of additional study space prayer hopefully can run smoothly. In addition to the strengths that have been described above I can convey some other important development is the Muhammadiyah University of Sukabumi in running caturdharma has been supported by the Library that has been t

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